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Orchid family is the largest plant group with more than 20 thousand species scattered almost in the whole earth.
The 90 % of orchid species are tropical. More than the half of these orchids are epiphytic plants. Epiphytic orchids anchored on the body and branches of other plantes instead of striking roots to land. They provide their nutrients via photosynthesis, they have pseidobulbes used as water cistern and aerial roots in form of ribbon named velamen.
In our country the orchids which are sold in florists are the samples of tropical orchids cultivated in greenhouses and they are more well known than Turkey's orchids.
There are orchids who live on rock cliff or under ground.
Orchids live on soil are named terrestrial. There are about 600 orchid species and subspecies in Europe, Mediterranean Basin, North Africa, Caucasia and Front Asia. These species live on soil and known as variable (middle) zone orchids.
Turkey is one of the richest countries of the region on the subject of orchid. It presumed that our country possess approximately 200 orchid species. >>>